What Is The Best Rowing Machine For Home Use Under $5000, $1000, $500 & $100

The thought of rowing on water scares the life out of me, but a rowing machine is a different story all together. I had my first rowing machine when I was 16, and have never looked back.

Rowing machines offer so much to the user. They are a complete exercise machine that work the arms, legs, back chest and abs. The low-impact design of rowers also makes them amazing for people suffering from injury that need rehabilitation.

Not only can indoor rowers help with rehabilitation after injury, but they can also help the user lose weight, tone muscle, increase over-health and reduce stress.

If indoor rowing machines sound like something that would interest you, but you are not sure of which one to buy, I have created a list below showing what ones I have found the best through using them for many years. Hope you will find it helpful.

Best Rowing Machine Under $5000

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor


This rower from WaterRower looks like a fine piece of art. It is made from black walnut and hand finished with danish oil. The waterrower uses a "water flywheel" which replicates the feeling that you get when rowing in water.

Because the rower uses the flywheel it eliminates the need for a motor,as the increased resistance will be created when you row faster, due to increased drag.

Because of the design of this rower there are no moving parts that will ever need replacing or maintaining, not even the recoil belt.

  • Handcrafted: Making sure it is of the highest quality and finish possible
  • FlyWheel: For self regulated resistance (no motor required)
  • Series 4 Performance Monitor: Tracks workout intensity, heart rate, stoke rate plus more
Best Rowing Machine Under $1000

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine


The Concept 2 rowing machines are the best of the best. If you want the highest quality rowing machine on the market today then this is it. Concept 2 rowers are used by everyone, include athletes, cardiac rehab patients, and every level of rower.

  • PM3 Performance Monitor: Tracks calories used, distance, speed, pace and watts.
  • Removable Log Card: Stores your workout data and personal preferences.
  • Collapse Design: Offers easy storage and transport.
Best Rowing Machine Under $500

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine


The Kettle rowing machine will help people of all ages get into peak physical condition. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, with measurements of 49 x 31 x 10 inches. There is a training computer that shows the speed, number of stroke, distance covered, energy consumption and heart rate.

What I really like about the rower is the program settings that will give visual and give audio signals when you have reached your desired goals on distance covered and stroke speed, something that really made this rower a must have for me.

  • Training Computer: Tracks distance, speed, heart rate ext.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for real comfort while training
  • Two hydraulic cylinders with continuous resistance: Easily change the resistance as your level of fitness improves.
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Best Rowing Machine Under $100
New Fitness Rower Rowing Machine

This is the best cheapest indoor rower available. The resistance can be adjusted, it has a monitor and contoured comfortable seat, just like the more expensive rowers available. This rower is brand new from the factory, not used or refurbished. 

  • Digital Monitor: Measures heart rate, strokes, speed and more.
  • Easy Storage: Compact, portable and folds for easy storage
  • Sturdy Design: Made from solid steel from.
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The above list contains rowers that I personally have found to be the best for there price range. Years of using many rowers and gathering a lot of experience and information is how I rated each one against others in the same category.

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  1. The Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is the universal standard for quality rowing machines. If you want to perform this indoor exercise correctly, this is the machine to use. If you visit any high school, college, or club rowing program you will find Concept2 rowing machines are likely the only rowing machines they use. It is good for sweep rowers and scullers, gives you lots of workout feedback, and requires very little maintenance.